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Project status

Current status of the FLOSSPOLS project Months are numbered from 1 to 24, month 1 is March 2004.

Workpackage title Start
Status Published deliverables
WP1 Interoperability study 2 11 Completed Interoperability Report (D4)
WP2 EGovernment survey 2 11 Completed

Survey plan (D1)

Government Survey data (D2)

Government Survey Report (D3)

WP3 Developer survey methodology 1 5 Completed Ethics Guidelines (D5)
WP4 Developer survey execution 6 10 Completed Developer Survey data (D7)
WP5 Skills/employer survey 7 11 Completed Survey design (D8)
WP6 Skills development: analysis 10 14 Nearly completed Due shortly
WP7 Ethnographic study 1 17 On-going Ethnographic survey plan (D11)
WP8 In-depth interviews 10 18 On-going Interview plan (D14)
WP9 Gender: results analysis 8 23 On-going Gender: Interim report (D12)
WP10 Modelling: framework design 4 10 Completed Conceptual framework (D18)

Encoded framework (D19)

WP11 Modelling: simulation 9 13 Nearly completed Due shortly
WP12 Integration: policy impact 12 24 On-going None due yet
WP13 Workshops: government/policy 11 24 On-going None due yet
WP14 Workshop: gender 18 24 Not yet started None due yet
WP15 Conference: 1 11 Conference on Nov 18 Conference website:
WP16 Dissemination and website 1 24 On-going Website:

Conference presentations

WP17 Management 1 24 On-going None due yet


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